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MICR V01 - DeJesus: Other Resources

Below are a couple of resources that may be helpful to students in their research.

These books are available in the reference section of the library.  A library guide has been created for students learning How to Use Bergey's Manuals.  This guide will help you locate the books in the library and guide you through their use.

Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology 9th edition

The purpose of this manual is to identify bacteria and the identification schemes presented in the manual are not classification schemes. The manual is arranged by phenotypic information and intended to help identify bacteria that have already been described and cultured.

Once you have completed all of the morphological, cultural characteristic, and differential tests for your unknown organism, use a dichotomous key to identify a possible genus for your organism. Use the list of possible unknown organisms to determine if there is more than one possible species for the genus. Then use this manual to identify the bacteria.


Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology

The goal of the manual is to assist in the classification and cultural characteristics of prokaryotes.  The second edition consists of five volumes and is organized by newer (molecular-based) classification systems.

Volume 1:  Archaea, deeply branching and phototropic bacteria (few human diseases), issued in 2001.

  • Note:  Check Table 2:  Phenotypic Grouping of the Prokaryotic Phyla in the “Road Map” on pages 142-155; it will tell you in which volume you can find information on the genus of the bacterium, in addition to information on the phylum, class, and group.

Volume 2:  Proteobacteria, issues in 2005-considered one volume but three separate books:

  • Part 1, pp. 1-304: introductory essays.
  • Part 2, pp. 305-1106: Gamma proteobacteria
  • Part 3, pp. 1107-1388: Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, and Epsilon, Proteobacteria

Volume 3:  Firmicutes

Volume 4:  A variety of other bacteria

Volume 5:  Actinobacteria


Roadmaps for volumes 3-5 are available at the Bergey’s Trust site, under Taxonomic Outlines.