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ENGL V02 -- Hand to Mouth: Living in a Bootstrap America: Articles

This guide is for Professors Garcia and Carlander assignments on "Analyzing a Book's Argument."

Recommended Library Databases to Use When Researching this Topic

CQ Researcher: This award-winning database is the online equivalent of the weekly publication of the same name. It is an excellent place to look for impartial and extensive reporting on controversial and complex issues. This database is a great resource to use especially for speech and debate classes. CQ Researcher provides full-text access to reports from Oct. 1991 to the present.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context: This database is an excellent place to begin one's research on any current event or controversial topic. Opposing Viewpoints includes opinion pieces (i.e. viewpoint essays), magazine, newspaper and journal articles, entries from reference works (such as encyclopedias and dictionaries), statistics, images, scholarly websites, plus much more.

If you are not finding enough information in the above two databases or if you want to find even more sources after using CQR and OVIC, then also try this database:

Academic Search Premier (ASP): Academic Search Premier is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary library database that provides access to full-text articles on just about any topic imaginable. ASP contains access to over 4,600 periodicals, including almost 3,900 peer-reviewed journals, some going back to the mid-1970s or earlier.