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Research in the Library: Advanced search

Cross-search databases

One way to search several (or all) EBSCO databases at once is to click on the EBSCO hyperlink from the alphabetized database list.  Scroll through the list of databases and select the ones you want to search, or to choose all of the databases, click on the "Select/deselect all"  box.  Then click on the "Continue" button, and you will be taken to your search screen.

You may now start your cross-search of multiple databases!


In order to cross-search the Proquest databases, simply click the Proquest hyperlink and you will then be taken to a search screen which automatically searches all the Proquest databases.

Advanced searching tips

  • Save time by searching all databases from one vendor (company) with only one search. 
  • Get ideas for additional search terms by reviewing the subject or keywords assigned to other articles
  • Combine subject and keyword searches for precise results

Let the database help!

On your search results page, databases will list additional search terms or related topics to help you refine or reformulate your search strategy.  For example, this EBSCO results page for our search on "climate change" and "animals," lists the following:

Subjects, keywords and decriptors

Articles have descriptive terms assigned to them by the author of the article or the database publisher.  These are listed as subjects, keywords, descriptors, or MeSH (medical subject headings).  These terms can be helpful in constructing searches to find similar articles.  Below, you can see the subjects and keywords that describe this article.  They are listed on the abstract page: