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Novels, poems, short stories and plays can be challenging research topics.  Thankfully, the Ventura College Library has resources that can help you with your studies.

Here are a few thoughts to consider before you begin your research:

  • To begin, keep in mind that there are different kinds of Literary Criticism, such as Moral Criticism, New Criticism, Jungian Criticism, as well as Marxist Criticism, to name a few. This guide is here to help point you to reliable resources that will help you to explore literary criticism, within the library resources as well as out on the internet.
  • Some things you may encounter in literary critiques:
    • The work you are researching is compared/contrasted with the author's other writings.
    • The work you are researching is discussed in the context of the author's life (critical biography).
    • The work you are researching is compared to different authors' works.
  • Important note! Give yourself plenty of time to complete your assignment, including doing your works cited page.  Literary Criticism can be more time-consuming than other research assignments.