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ENGL V02 -- Hand to Mouth: Living in a Bootstrap America: Home

This guide is for Professors Garcia and Carlander assignments on "Analyzing a Book's Argument."

Analyzing a Book's Argument


How does Linda Tirado portray poverty in the United States?

How is this book useful or not useful in helping more people understand poverty?

Consider both information she uses and the way she writes.


  • Hand to Mouth: Living in a Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado (Required)
  • Personal experience/observation
  • Articles from library databases
  • Articles from online newspapers, magazines, journals, news sources

What this guide can do for you

This guide has been developed specifically for Professors' Garcia and Carlander's assignment.  Students may use this guide to locate relevant library resources in completing this assignment such as:

  • Books

  • Articles in library databases

  • Link to relevant Internet resources

  • Learn how to properly cite sources for essay assignment



Professor Garcia's assignment sheet was used as a basis for this assignment.