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Logging Into Library Databases from Off-Campus: Logging on from the College Home Page

This guide will walk you through the process of accessing databases from off-campus

Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Did you know that you can access library databases from off-campus? It's true, you don't have to be on campus to do library research. This guide will walk you through the processes of getting into our databases from off-campus. A vast majority of our databases will allow you to do work from home, or from anyplace with wifi or internet connection. You can even use a tablet!

From the College Home Page

First, go to the Ventura College home page at On the Home Page, along the top of the page, is a menu bar, with options written in white:

Ventura College Home Page Menu Options









Hover your mouse over the Quick Links option:

Ventura College Home Page Quick Links Options


A menu will come up. From this menu, click and select "Library." Doing this will take you to the Library home page:

Ventura College Library Home Page

You can find a complete list of our databases under "Databases A-Z," or you can browse by topic by looking at our "Databases by Subject" list.

Once you find the name of the database you want, click on it. You will now see the portal login screen:

MyVCCCD Login Screen

You can now login using your regular username and password.

Once you do that, you should be taken directly to the database. If, for some reason, you are taken to the Library Home page, simply click the name of the database that you want, and you'll be able to log in without any problems.

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