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Art History: Books

Where to Find Books

Use OneSearch to find books you can check out, as well as electronic books you can access from anywhere.



Catalog Search Tips

  • Think of 1-3 key words that describe your topic and use those as your search terms.
  • When searching for names or multi-word phrases, use quotes around your terms. This tells the catalog that you want to find books with those words together as a phrase.
    • For example: "Damien Hirst" or "Italian Renaissance"
  • Use the "Subjects" links found in each book record to find related books (see screenshot below).

  • If you are looking specifically for criticism or commentary on a particular work of art, movement, or artist, try including words like "interpretation" or "criticism" in your search.
    • For example: Picasso criticism
  • If you aren't finding anything useful, try thinking of alternate terms for your search terms. How else might people describe your topic?
    • For example, if you are looking for books on "Graphic Design" you could also try searching for "Graphic Arts" or "Commercial Arts"  

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