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ENGL V01B: Literary Criticism Resources: Books and eBooks


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Use OneSearch to search across all library resources.  Narrow your results to books by using the options in the "Refine my Results" bar on the left.

In the "Availability" section, select "Available in Print."  Your results will now show only print books available at both the Main Campus and East Campus libraries.

The video below will cover how to find both books and electronic books using OneSearch.

OneSearch eBooks



Use OneSearch to search across all library resources.  Narrow your search results to electronic books by using the options in the "Refine My Results" bar on the left.

In the "Format" section, select "Books."  In the "Availability" section, select "Available Online." Your results should now be only electronic books.

The video below will cover using OneSearch to locate both books and electronic books.

Finding print resources

The library catalog is one way to find print materials on your subject, but it's not the only way!

The electronic database Gale Literary Index is a way to look up information that appears in our print Gale literary criticism reference collection.  You can use this resource to obtain titles that you can then search for in our book catalog.










Literary Index Example Search

Whether you are looking for an author or a certain title, the results in Gale's Literary Index will list the reference book title, followed by the volume number, in bold, and then the page numbers.  For example, if we do a Title Search for Animal Farm by Orson Welles, we get the following results:

Gale series that include a discussion of this work:

Beacham's Encyclopedia of Popular Fiction: Analyses, volume(s) 1:154-57
Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults, volume(s) 5: 2124-30
Children's Literature Review, volume(s)68:115-85; 171:95, 114
Literature and Its Times, volume(s) 4:14-20
Novels for Students, volume(s) 3:1-13
Reference Guide to English Literature (St. James Press, an imprint of Gale), edition(s) 2:1462-63
Short Story Criticism, volume(s) 68:1-62
Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, volume(s)2:497-98, 500-01, 504-07, 510-12, 514; 6:344-45, 348, 351, 353; 15:299-300, 302, 308, 319, 321-23, 325-26, 329-30, 333-35, 343, 353-54, 364; 31:176-80; 51:221, 227, 237, 242- 43, 246, 264-65; 128:258-62, 264-67, 270-72, 278-79, 286, 290, 293, 296, 298, 307, 310-11; 129:223, 225, 228, 235, 244, 246-47, 251, 255, 259, 261, 264; 276:65, 76, 89, 112, 115-16, 118, 121-23, 136-37
World Literature Criticism, edition(s) 4:2575-78, 2581-83, 2585

You can then search these titles in the book catalog to see if they are part of the Ventura College Library collection.