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ENGL V01B: Literary Criticism Resources: Remote Access

Accessing Library resources from off-campus

There are a couple of ways to access the proprietary resources in the Library.  When trying to access a database search from the main Library page, you will prompted to login with your MyVCCCD credentials.  The same is true when accessing an eBook from the Library catalog.

Or, you can login to your MyVCCCD account before you start searching the Library resources, as shown below.

From the Portal

First, go to the MyVCCCD portal page, located at

MyVCCCD portal login screen

Type in your username and password as you normally would. This logs you into the portal:

Click on the "Library and Learning Resources" tab; that will take you to a screen that looks similar to this:

Click on the orange "Library Homepage" button and that will take you to the Library Resources page.

When you click on a database, you should be able to enter the database directly, because you have already logged into the portal.