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COMM V01: Internet

Google Web Search

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Remember, anyone can publish anything online!  

Make sure you take a critical look at any websites you are considering using for your research!

Kathy Schrock's 5W's can help you to remember what things to look for when evaluating a source.

  • Who is the author?
    • Are they an expert in the field?
    • What are their credentials?
  • What is the purpose of the article or website that is sharing the content?
    • Is the author selling a product?
    • Could there be biases or affiliations that could influence the information presented?
  • When was the material published or posted?
    • Is the information too old or outdated?
    • Could the post be so new that the information provided is not complete?
  • Where did the author get the information from?
    • Does the article include references to sources?
    • If sources are cited, are they credible?
  • Why would or wouldn't you want to use this information?
    • Will the information from this source strengthen or weaken your argument?