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Free Scholarly Sources: Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Set up Google Scholar so that you can access your resource (free!) from the Ventura College Library.

1) Open the Options menu in Google Scholar and select "Settings":

2) Click on "Library links":


4) Look up and select Ventura College Library.  Be sure to save your selection.

You will now see "Full text @ VC Library" if our databases index the article:



When to use Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to look up a citation.  For example, to find the following article:

Cooper, Hannah LF. "War on Drugs Policing and Police Brutality." Substance Use & Misuse, vol. 50, no. 8/9, 15 June 2015, pp. 1188-1194.

Look up the title on Google Scholar to see this result:

In addition to the "Full text @ VC Library" link, there are two other important tools that are highlighted:  the" All # versions" and the "Cited by #" links.

Click on "All 9 versions" to show the various places this article has been published or reprinted, increasing your full-text options:


Click on the "Cited by 16" link to see articles in which this work has been cited.  This is a way to use "forward citations" to find works that may be on a similar topic, but are more recent.