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History: Primary Sources

Newspaper Databases

Newspaper Source Plus
Provides access to more than 860 full-text newspapers and close to 1 million television and radio news transcripts.

ProQuest U.S. Newsstream
Provides access to more than 1300 newspapers, blogs, and news websites.

Primary Sources Online

‚ÄčMany libraries, museums, and archives have some or all of their collections digitized and available online.  Using Google Advanced Search can help you locate primary source collections available online. 

  • Type in your topic in the "All these words" search box
  • Type in library, archive, and museum in the "Any of these words" search box
  • Then limit your search to a specific domain; libraries, archives, and museums typically have a .edu or .org address. Some government museums and archives use .gov.

Evaluating Websites

Remember, anyone can publish anything online!  Make sure you take a critical look at any websites you are considering using for your research! 

Watch the video below and check out our Information Evaluation guide for more details.