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Anthropology: Articles

OneSearch Articles



Use OneSearch to search across all library resources.  Narrow your results to articles by using the options in the "Refine my Results" bar on the left.

In the "Format" section, select "Articles" (this option will give you magazine, newspaper, and peer-reviewed journal articles) or "Newspaper Articles" (this option will give you only newspaper articles).  The video below will walk you through this process.

Recommended Databases

In addition to using OneSearch to locate articles, you can also go directly into one of our databases and search. Using databases that are focused on specific subjects can help you get a narrower, more relevant list of results.

Cultural Anthropology Topics

If your topic falls within cultural anthropology (for example, gender roles, social stratification, art, religious systems, language, etc.) try these databases.

Biological Anthropology Topics

If your topic falls within biological anthropology (evolution, genetics, human physical diversity, etc.) try these databases.

Database Search Strategies

Searching in the library databases is a bit different than searching in Google.  This video will go over strategies to use to improve your searches in library databases.

Key Journals

Browse some of the important journals in the field of anthropology:

American Anthropologist (1888-1922)

American Anthropologist (1988-2009)

Cultural Anthropology (1999-2009)

Current Anthropology (1959-2015)

Human Ecology (1996-1 year ago)

Peer Reviewed vs. Popular

For your assignments, you may be asked to use "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" articles.  These are articles written and reviewed by experts in their discipline. Most databases will have ways to filter or limit searches to these types of articles.

Other types of articles you may find in our databases include newspaper articles, magazine articles, and sometimes conference papers and dissertations.

For more information on article types, watch this video and check out our Information Evaluation guide.