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Anthropology: eBooks

OneSearch eBooks



Use OneSearch to search across all library resources.  Narrow your search results to electronic books by using the options in the "Refine My Results" bar on the left.

In the "Format" section, select "Books."  In the "Availability" section, select "Available Online." Your results should now be only electronic books.

The video below will cover using OneSearch to locate both books and electronic books.

eBook Databases

In addition to using OneSearch to find eBooks, you can also go directly to one of our eBook databases.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Think of 1-3 key words that describe your topic and use those as your search terms.
  • When searching for names or multi-word phrases, use quotes around your terms. This tells the catalog that you want to find books with those words together as a phrase.
    • For example: "Margaret Mead" or "gender roles"
  • Use the "Subjects" links found in each book record to find related books.
  • If you aren't finding anything useful, try thinking of alternate terms for your search terms. How else might people describe your topic?
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For example: If your topic is "Labor Unions" you could also try searching for "Organized Labor" or "Labor Movement" or even "Strikes" or "Lockouts"