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Copyright for Educators: Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that helps individuals legally share their works. Creative Commons licenses have different conditions that can be selected and combined.  Some combinations allow for modification and sharing, while others are more restrictive.

Sharing and Finding Creative Commons Works

Share Your Work
The Creative Commons website gives your more detailed information on their various license combinations and allows you to select a license and share your work.

Use & Remix
Search the Creative Commons Use & Remix database to find licensed work that you can adapt and share.

License Conditions

Under Creative Commons licensing, works may be given any combination of the following conditions:

Attribution symbol  Attribution

Give credit to the author, provide a link to the license, and state if changes were made.

Share Alike symbol  Share Alike

You must distribute your work under the same license as the original work.

Non-Commercial symbol  Non-Commercial

The work may not be used for commercial purposes.

No Derivatives symbol  No Derivatives

You may not redistribute your modified work.