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Open Educational Resources: Getting Started

What's the Difference?

OER comes in a variety of packages. Some are open textbooks - they may be viewable on a website only or be downloaded in PDF format. Some are open courses or modules. Others may be activities, lesson plans, or syllabi. 

Some OER are collaborative, meaning you could submit updates and changes to them, and some have a creative commons license that allows you to remix and make your own version.  

The resources below will connect you with all types of OER for a variety of disciplines.

For more information on creative commons licenses and copyright, see our Copyright for Educators Guide.

Library Resources

The library provides access to electronic books, journals, and articles that can be used in courses. If you find something you would like to use in your course, be sure to provide the permanent link to the material which will direct students to the database and will require authentication.  Check out our videos for help with using the eJournals Search and finding an ebook or article permalink.

Databases A-Z
A listing of all available databases. Use to find newspaper, magazine, and journal articles.

eJournals Search
Search for specific journal titles to see which databases provide access.

eBook Databases
A listing of all eBook databases.