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Library Resources for VCEC Students: Articles

Finding Articles

You have access to more than 40 databases that contain newspaper, magazine, and peer-reviewed journal articles on a variety of topics.  While OneSearch searches across all of these databases, it can sometimes be helpful to go directly to a database and search for your topic. Some databases are focused on specific subjects, so if your topic matches, using that database may help you get a narrower, more relevant list of results.

Use our Databases A-Z list to see all databases.  Each database has a brief description of what types of articles and subjects may be found in the database. 

These multi-disciplinary databases that are a good place to start your research are:

Using OneSearch to Find Articles



Use OneSearch to search across all library resources.  Narrow your results to articles by using the options in the "Refine my Results" bar on the left.

In the "Format" section, select "Articles" (this option will give you magazine, newspaper, and peer-reviewed journal articles) or "Newspaper Articles" (this option will give you only newspaper articles).  The video below will walk you through this process.

Helpful Videos