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Embedding Library Content in Canvas: AVON


1. Go to AVON and click on the link for Academic Video Online.

2. Search or browse for the video you would like to embed. Once you find it, click on the video icon to go to the video's page.

3. Click on Share, then Copy Permalink.

AVON video page with Share link and Copy Permalink buttons circled in orange.

4. A window will pop up. Click on the button at the top right to copy the Permalink.

Copy permalink pop-up window with the Copy button for the permalink option circled in orange.

5. Go to Canvas and in an existing page click on the carrot next to the Link icon, then select External Links.

Canvas page with Link icon circled in orange and an orange arrow pointing to the External Links menu option.

6. Add the text you would like to appear in the Text box and paste the AVON video permalink in the Link box, then click on Done.

Canvas Insert Link pop-up menu with "Gamestop Video" in the Text box and the AVON video permalink in the Link box.

6. Click "Save" in Canvas to save your page.

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