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BIOL V03 Lab Library: Popular Press Article

Research tools for the Organism Paper Individual Project

Popular Press Article

This can be a Magazine or Newspaper, written for the general public. Published within the past 10 years. It should have at least 3 full pages on your species.

How to Search in Databases for Popular Press Articles in Magazines & Newspapers

The term "popular press" refers to material written for the general public. This is opposed to scholarly material written for an academic or research audience, or trade material written for an industry audience.  Most popular press materials are newspaper and magazine articles. 

If you want popular magazines, use Academic Search Premier or ProQuest Research Library.

The library's EBSCO and ProQuest databases will search both popular and scholarly articles, and they'll also let you specify what kind of article you need.

For example, in ProQuest Research Library: 

1.  Click the  "Advanced search" link at the top of the page. 

2.  In the search box, type your keywords. Be sure that the "full text" box underneath it is checked.

3.  Below the search box, scroll down and choose the "Source type" that you want.  Magazines and newspapers are both options -- simply check as many options as you need. 

4.  Click "search" and browse your results. 

ProQuest Source Type options

Adapted from the Richard G. Trefry Library

Suggested Databases for Popular Press Articles in Newspapers

Popular vs Scholarly Sources

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